While hand-held communication devices are increasingly being used to help foster better processes and outcomes, they bring with them the unintended consequences of increased risk of pathogen transmission when not properly disinfected.  Shared-use devices are frequently touched and carried from room to room, patient to patient – like a third hand you never wash. We hope to be part of helping solve this problem with the introduction of PhoneSoap ExpressPro, our rapid UV disinfection solution.






  • Hospital-acquired infections affect nearly 2 million US patients each year, resulting in 99,000 deaths and about $20 billion in healthcare costs, according to the CDC. PhoneSoap ExpressPro was designed to reduce hospital-acquired infections by drastically reducing cross-contamination from shared-use mobile devices such as phones, tablets, personal communicators, key cards, etc. In a 2017 survey of 1,125 infection prevention professionals, 48% of respondents reported that they currently have no protocols in place for disinfecting shared-use mobile devices.

  • Providers bring their own devices to work, which can bring harmful pathogens from the home into the hospital, and harmful pathogens from the hospital into the home. ExpressPro provides a safe, fast, and easy way to eliminate this risk.

  • Helping providers comply with new protocols is often time-consuming and expensive. ExpressPro takes the cumbersome process of disinfecting mobile devices and makes it easy for providers by automating the process. Smart tracking of mobile devices by the ExpressPro allows the system to generate automatic reports of which devices were disinfected and when. The system allows notifications to be sent to devices or providers that are outside of compliance.

  • Improve public perception and confidence by letting patients know that contaminated mobile devices coming in and out of the facility can be quickly and completely disinfected, including their own.


  • Improve population health.

  • Reduce the number of staff sick days.

  • Responsibly spread awareness about the risks surrounding the neglect of shared-use devices.


  • Prevent cross-contamination on shared devices among students and reduce the number of absences.

  • Protect teachers from potentially viral bacteria and preserve productivity in the classroom.

  • Educate students on the importance of disinfecting their devices.


  • Decrease the number of viruses spread amongst shared spaces.

  • Provide peace of mind to your employees and their families knowing they aren't bringing any harmful pathogens home from the workplace.

  • Keep colleagues healthy and motivated to put their best foot forward while on the clock.


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