Your hands are only as clean as the devices they are touching. In the same amount of time you spend washing your hands, the ExpressPro can disinfect your devices. Your device should and CAN be as clean as your hands.

30 Seconds

Rapid UV-C disinfection kills 99.999% of MRSA* in thirty seconds on hard to clean hand-held items.

Touchless Operation

Motion-activated door and touchless operation to eliminate cross-contamination.


Adjust settings, kill rate, and exposure with just a few swipes of your device.

Flexible Deployment

Can be mounted to a wall, roll-stand or simply placed on a table surface.

Focusing on what matters most.

While hand-held communication devices are increasingly being used to help foster better processes and outcomes, they bring with them the unintended consequences of increased risk of pathogen transmission when not properly disinfected.  Shared-use devices are frequently touched and carried from room to room, patient to patient – like a third hand you never wash. We hope to be part of helping solve this problem with the introduction of PhoneSoap ExpressPro, our rapid UV disinfection solution.  

Our goal is to bring a simple and effective solution to the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses both in home and hospitals.

The solution to a growing problem.

PhoneSoap ExpressPro is a rapid UV disinfection device for cell phones, tablets, and other hard to clean hand-held items. With a disinfection cycle of only 30 seconds, it is an incredible addition to any facility to help ensure your professionals and patients are protected from the spread of harmful pathogens. ExpressPro was designed for flexible deployment allowing the unit to be easily mounted on a wall, tabletop, or roll stand making it a convenient addition to any facility.

Operation is Safe and Easy.


Disinfection space is large enough for tablets, cell phones, key cards, mobile communicators and more.

Interior dimensions 11.125L x 1.75W x 7.5H"

Exterior dimensions 15.5L x 4.5W x 12H"

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